Gulf Race Fuels to Strengthen Partnership – Motorsport UK Scottish Rally Championship

28th June 2024

Gulf Race Fuels to Strengthen Partnership

The Asset Alliance Group Motorsport UK Scottish Rally Championship are delighted to confirm that 2024 will mark the 3rd year of an ongoing partnership with Gulf Race Fuels.  A new partnership between Bathgate based SB Fuels and AG Motorsport will combine to deliver a fuel service across all 7 events, with a new pump fuel also being available for the first time.

“Gulf Race Fuels is committed to being back at the front of motorsport, and continuing our relationship with the Scottish Rally Championship solidifies this,” says Mark Gardner from Gulf Race Fuels. “We really enjoyed working with the series organizers and many of the teams during the 2023 season and we are excited to see how the 2024 championship unfolds. We are proud to offer trackside support to the competitors and excited that many are choosing to use Gulf Race Fuels as their preferred fuel in a bid to gain that competitive advantage over the field.”

“SB Fuels is thrilled to announce our partnership with Gulf Race Fuels in supporting the Scottish Rally Champion for the exhilarating 2024 season! We’re geared up for an action-packed race series and committed to meeting all competitors’ race fuel requirements.

In collaboration with AG Motorsport and Gulf Race Fuels Scotland, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch Race Fuels to competitors throughout the Scottish Rally Championship.

Plus, we’re proud to introduce our latest offering: ‘G99’, a high-performance 99 octane fuel. Pre-order yours now through AG Motorsport and Gulf Race Fuels Scotland to ensure you’re equipped for success across each rally stage!”

SRC Chairman Tom Hynd said:

“I am delighted to have Gulf racing Fuel on board again for their 3rd year but the exciting news this year is that – over and above their world renown racing fuel being available – they are now coming on board with 99 Octane for all other competitors as well. This is a huge step in building our relationship with the SRC and its competitors. To be able to offer fuel to all crews is fantastic news, and I can’t wait to build on the strong relationship we already have and improving the services to all moving forward.”

Anyone wishing to pre-order Gulf Race Fuel for an event should either email Andrew Gallacher Motorsport on or download a pre-order form from the updated Championship website when it goes live in the near future.

Further details on prices to be confirmed in due course.