Round 7 Classes Round-up – Motorsport UK Scottish Rally Championship

21st September 2023

Round 7 Classes Round-up

The Armstrong Galloway Hills was an extremely tough event for many of the crews competing across the various classes. Every class winner finishing with a tale to tell after a hard rally.

Class C1

Lochlan McIver & Cameron Morrison survived a difficult day in their 1.2 litre Fiesta, ending the 1st loop with the rear left shock absorber in the boot rather than attached to the car. A bodge at service fell apart not far into stage 4 and they nursed the car to the finish with the left rear tyre slowly rubbing itself into extinction on the wheel arch.

Class C2

Scott Gourlay & Greg Alcorn led C2 right from the start in their home forests despite cutting a sidewall in one tyre after clipping a rock. The 2nd loop they made sure of a risk-free run to maintain what they had, taking 36th overall at the finish.

Class C3

Craig Smith & Charles Mackenzie survived another tricky day in the Astra. They damaged 2 wheels on the infamous stage 2 bridge along with wrecking a wheel bearing.
On the 2nd loop they began to experience gearbox problems, finishing in 35th place with just 1st, 3rd and 5th gears.

Class C5

Jordan Anderson & Harry Stubbs were another crew to hit the SS2 bridge, damaging both left side shock absorbers. Driving very carefully to preserve the car they were well placed to inherit the class lead when John McIlwraith & Heather Grisedale retired with a double puncture. Jordan & Harry surviving to take 20th overall and another Groundwater Lift Trucks Subaru Cup win.

Class H1

Another to hit the bridge, David McLeod & Eamonn Boyle’s Sunbeam split a minilite in half on impact. Amazingly there wasn’t much more damage to the car, and they were able to carry on, inheriting the H1 win after the late retirement from the leading 2-wheel drive Mk2 of Stuart Egglestone & Brian Hodgson.

Class H2

Donald Peacock & Mairi Riddick took their 3rd class win of the season in an excellent 19th place overall. Donald one of the drivers taking advantage of the night running to get some preparation in before the Roger Albert Clark Rally.

Class M2

13th overall, 2nd Autoshop 2-wheel drive and wrapping up the Moates Offshore Junior Title sums up an excellent weekend for Robert Proudlock & Steven Brown in Robert’s home forests. Another excellent performance in 2023.

Class M3

28th overall, Meghan & John O’Kane had replaced the Fiesta’s back axle since the Grampian, much improving the handling. Despite 3 punctures Meghan also took the award for top Lady driver, drawing level in points at the top of the championship with long time rival Aileen Forrest.

Class M4

Top Autoshop 2-wheel drive and 12th overall, John Crawford & Josh Davison produced another excellent performance in this part of the world, just as they had done at the Scottish. Battling with Stuart Egglestone & Brian Hodgson for most of the day they inherited the lead when the Pinto retired, this result keeping Jon in with a chance of the 2-wheel drive driver’s title.

Class M6

Inheriting the win after Ian Baumgart & Liam Whiteley retired with mechanical issues it was nevertheless a rough day for Duncan Campbell & Michael Cruickshank. The normally reliable Impreza giving bother, the engine cutting out on multiple occasions. They survived to take 17th overall.

Class Pro2

With regular navigator Harry Marchbank on holiday Peter Stewart had Dave Robson alongside him in the 208. In with a chance of wrapping up the Autoshop 2wds with a win it wasn’t the greatest day at the office for the Autoshop driver. The Peugeot man taking 14th overall and 3rd in the 2-wheel drives setting up a showdown with John Crawford on the final round.