The Beatson’s Jim Clark Reivers Rally Classes Review – Motorsport UK Scottish Rally Championship

28th June 2024

The Beatson’s Jim Clark Reivers Rally Classes Review

While the battle at the top of the Beatson’s Jim Clark Reivers Rally was grabbing headlines there was also plenty going on throughout the various classes of the Asset Alliance Group Scottish Rally Championship.

Class C1

With his Rally 2 Fiesta still damaged after a bruising Manx rally John Forrest had made the last-minute decision to hire a Triple M prepared MG3. With John Shepheard alongside they had a great time, spending most of the day laughing. John very impressed with how fun the MG was to drive on the way to 76th overall.

Class C2

Scott Gourlay & Greg Alcorn were excited to test the 205’s new engine on tarmac and were very happy with the performance, Scott describing it as a “weapon”. Catching cars on both the opening stages they were absolutely flying, defying the more modified machinery on their way to an excellent 47th overall.

Class C3

Delighted to finally start a rally again after a difficult end to 2023 and start to 2024 Alistair Brearley & Gerry Bryden would take the C3 honours and 74th overall. Despite the class win they felt they were both very rusty and not overly happy with their own performances. Alistair declaring they “we need more seat time and have to get our act together”.

Class M1

After regular navigator Amy McCubbin took unwell Christopher Smith had asked J1000 front runner Rian Walker to step into the Corsa’s hotseat as a last-minute super sub. Luckily Rian had accompanied Christopher & Amy on the recce, so things weren’t completely alien. The Corsa crew rose to the challenge, sacrificing a couple of wing mirrors on their way to a 2nd M1 win of the season along with 70th overall.

Class M2

After struggling at the Speyside Meghan & John O’Kane had done a power of work, sorting issues with their Fiesta’s diff. That meant Meghan was way more confident and was starting to push the new car. 1 wing mirror was sacrificed on a chicane early on but they kept the car looking nice on the way to 65th overall along with both the class and Moates Offshore Juniors win.

Class M3

Andrew Forbes & Alex Hill had looked rapid at the Speyside but unfortunately hadn’t seen the finish. The Clark was Andrew’s 1st experience of closed public roads, and the Civic man was going well. Despite a couple of scary moments in the slippy conditions Andrew & Alex would grab the M3 win along with 52nd overall in the high revving Honda.

Class M4

Not traditionally a fan of tarmac Paddy Munro was one of the few drivers enjoying the wet as the mud dragged on to the road made it more like a gravel rally. With Andrew Stevenson alongside as usual they indulged in a bit of tractor spotting during the day on their way to 32nd overall and the M4 win.

Class M5

Out to test their MK2 Escort before they launch an assault on Donegal, David Bogie & John Rowan took top honours in the G&M Mechanical Services 2wds along with the M5 win. It wasn’t easy, out on slicks when the rain was at its’ heaviest and they were kept honest all day by their fellow M5 crew: Greg McKnight & Harry Marchbank. Bogie & Rowan ending their day in 9th overall.

Class M6

Making their 1st SRC start, Rob Cotton & Ethan Kidd immediately made a splash, taking the M6 win along with top Groundwater Lift Trucks Subaru Cup crew. They took a little time to get used to their recently rebuilt car, fighting the brakes on the opening loop. They really sped up in the afternoon and grabbed an excellent 25th overall by the end of the day.

Class H1

Not only did Robin Shuttleworth & Malcolm Smithson grab the H1 win, they were also 1st SRC Historic home. Robin describing the wet conditions in the morning as “mint”, catching and passing 2 cars on the 1st stage. The rest of the day was equally solid, the beautiful MK1 Mexico finishing a very strong 59th overall.

Class Pro 2

Having contested the National Richard Stewart was well up to speed on the tarmac by the Sunday. With Mark Roberts stepping in to guide the 208 pilot they had a very good run to the Pro 2 win and 55th overall. The only blemish on the day was modifying the Peugeot’s styling slightly on a bale during the day and Richard was happy with his run, also taking 2nd in the Haddo Energy Super Seniors.



  • C1 – 2wd cars up to 1450cc.
  • C2 – 2wd cars – 1451cc to 1650cc
  • C3 – 2wd cars – 1651cc to 2050cc
  • C4 – 2wd cars – over 2051cc
  • C5 – 4wd cars
  • M1 – All 2wd cars up to 1650cc, without a sequential gearbox.
  • M2 – 2wd cars – 1451cc to 1650cc, with a sequential gearbox.
  • M3 – Fwd cars – 1651cc to 2050cc.
  • M4 – All Rwd cars – 1651cc to 2050cc.
  • M5 – All 2wd cars over 2051cc.
  • M6 – Any 4wd car not classified in class M7 or SRC Pro4, without a sequential gearbox (including previously FIA Homologated GpN 4WD cars).
  • M7 – Any 4wd cars homologated in the following classes, or previously homologated as such, providing these run as per their homologation papers
    • FIA Homologated GpA 4wd cars
    • FIA Homologated Super 2000 cars
    • FIA Homologated R4 cars
  • H1 – All Historic Category 1 & 2 cars.
    – Category 3 cars with single cam engines
    – Category 4 cars up to 1600cc
  • H2 – All Historic Category 3 cars with multicam engines
    – Category 4 cars over 1601cc in compliance with R49.1.5
  • Pro4 FIA Homologated Rally1/WRC cars, FIA Homologated Rally2/R5 cars and cars previously homologated as such. Any derivative thereof including RHD conversions and cars built to comply with Rally2/R5 regulations.
  • Pro2 FIA Homologated Rally4/R2T cars, FIA Homologated R3T cars, and cars previously homologated as such. Any derivative thereof including RHD conversions.
images courtesy of AF Motorsport Media